Inspiring a love for nature

What we offer

Conservation and agriculture support

Contour Enviro Group specialists work with environmental managers and farmers to provide environmental management support. Our focus is on providing all the support required to undertake invasive alien clearing management in order to comply with NEMBA Invasive Alien Species regulations – from density assessments and mapping (using drone technology where needed), to the actual clearing work, including the use of specialised high altitude and rope access conservation work, and ultimately quality control. 

In order to measure your conservation activities and the success of your environmental work, it’s essential to undertake monitoring and data collection. We use science as the basis to inform your monitoring and data collection work, and we analyse the results, which then feed into your management plans.

Contour Enviro Group has expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing capabilities – and we can help you assess your conservation landscapes, with a focus on the Western Cape.




Alien & invasive species cleared (hectares)

How Contour Enviro Group
can help you:

Protected Area planning and development

Linear infrastructure design and maintenance

Protected Area Management Effectiveness and Sustainability Tracking Tool (METT) assessments

Management of Invasive Alien Species

Density verification, mapping and species identification

Monitoring and evaluation

Provision of highly specialised wilderness rope technicians

Scientifically based monitoring and data collection

Environmental compliance for agriculture 

Vegetation assessments using drone technology

Ecological data processing and analysis 

How Contour Enviro Group
can help you:

Alien Invasive Species clearing

Ecological corridors

Specialised high altitude and rope access conservation work

Trails maintenance and design

Density verification, mapping and species identification

Scientifically based monitoring programmes and data collection

Data processing and analysis of ecological projects

Protected area Management Effectiveness

Sustainability Tracking Tool (METT) assessments

Environmental end-of-project evaluation and assessments

Featured project

Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve

Contour Enviro Group has teamed up with the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, providing support to implement and administer the fantastic environmental projects run by this biosphere reserve. The KBR introduces young people to nature through an environmental education programme. They work with partners to find ways of creating jobs and boosting economic development with a sustainable outcome for people and nature. And they’re actively addressing issues of water security, in particular around catchment areas.

“I started Contour Enviro Group in 2017 as a way to live out my passion: to inspire a love for nature. Contour Enviro Group makes things happen because of the fantastic team of experts who form part of our team. Each individual brings a high level of expertise and experience to Contour. And together, we ensure our clients are satisfied – every single time.”

— Sabelo Lindani

“I joined CEG in 2020 to start a new chapter in my conservation career. CEG has given me the opportunity to use my conservation knowledge and skills in different areas and be part of a winning team. I am able to share my love for nature with a variety of clients from children to adults, communities to farmers, private to government, terrestrial to marine. Ensuring a sustainable environment for all.”

— Corlie Hugo

"This past year we abided by Charles Darwin's theory of "Survival of the fittest” law. This law is the ageless law of nature, but I've come to realise that the fittest are rarely the strong. The fittest are those intelligent enough to adapt, accept the inevitable and conform to the unavoidable change of conditions."

Solomon Asiya

"My professional goal is to find a challenging opportunity to contribute to a team-based environment in the field of environmental management and conservation. I believe that being part of the CEG’s team has given me the platform of achieving that and also gave me an opportunity to enhance my technical experience, broaden my knowledge in conservation and natural resource management."

Apiwe Mhlawuli