Inspiring a love for nature


Training and education

Contour Enviro Group is the founder of the Youth 4 the Environment. This non-profit organisation, which was founded in 2017, aims to connect young people to nature.

This is our investment in young people, to encourage not only a love for nature, but also careers in conservation – to protect our natural world into the future.

Youth 4 the Environment has representation in five African countries. We are strongly influenced by the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the rate at which Africa is rapidly losing its biodiversity. However, most importantly we are influenced by the lack of connection between nature and those living in and around it.

Many countries have seen a wide disconnect between conservation and neighbouring communities. In fact, communities are often excluded from participating in their natural heritage. At the same time, many conservation authorities are not well equipped to deal with the management of natural landscapes. In this situation, everyone loses – the communities, the conservation authorities, and above all, nature.

Our vision at Youth 4 the Environment, or the Youth4Enviro Movement, is therefore to attempt to close this gap in areas that we can 

reach through partnerships.

The Youth4Enviro Movement also seeks to address the critical challenge around youth unemployment. In South Africa alone, more than 50% of the unemployment rate is made up of youth. The Youth4Enviro Movement therefore aims to make a difference. We work to identify, develop, support and mentor young people in conservation, link them with potential employers and support them through the process.

Our Youth 4 the Environment


To connect youth with nature, to develop, train and empower young people while encouraging them to take action in the protection of their surrounding environment.


  • To raise environmental awareness.
  • To develop young leaders who are visionary, committed and passionate about their surrounding environment.
  • To develop committed career-orientated youth through skills development, educational advancement and mentorship.
  • To encourage environmental advocacy.