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Training and education

Contour Enviro Group runs our environmental education and training through our training academy, called the Contour Training Academy. Our academy is CATHSSETA (the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority) and QCTO accredited (Quality Council for Trades & Occupation) for conservation skills training programmes. Our programmes have a strong focus on competency based learning, problem solving, leadership and mentorship.

We also work with numerous schools, mostly in the Western Cape in both urban and rural settings, and reach around 1 500 scholars every year, teaching them nature and environmental education programmes that are linked to the national curriculum. We focus in particular on teaching these learners about mountain catchment areas, river monitoring, flora and fauna surveys. We furthermore support hiking and camping programmes for farm children – to inspire them to love the world they live in.

By working alongside our local farmers in the community, we help you to become environmentally compliant before you export your produce to international markets, making you more attractive to potential retailers and markets. And as part of our support to farmers, we provide non-accredited training to farmworkers – in particular in the fruit sector.



Nature Guides

Farm Workers

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Environmental Education
Kids: 6104 | Teachers: 266 | Schools: 57

How Contour Enviro Group
can help you:

Provision of accredited training programmes

Mentorship and coaching

Accredited online training options

Implementation of tourism programmes and conservation-themed guided trips

Development and implementation of schools curricula-aligned programmes

Environmental education and awareness programmes

How Contour Enviro Group
can help you:

Provision of CATHSSETA-accredited skills training and mentorship programmes

Online CATHSSETA-accredited training programmes

Provision of non-accredited conservation and alien clearing skills training programmes

Development and implementation of conservation lesson plans for schools

Environmental education and awareness programmes (outings and holiday)

Facilitation and mentorship for environmental programmes

Environmental compliance and training for commercial fruit farmers and their workforce

Implementation of tourism programmes and conservation-themed guided trips

Featured project

Youth 4 the Environment

Contour Enviro Group is the founder the Youth 4 the Environment. This non-profit organisation aims to connect young people to nature. This is our investment in young people, to encourage not only a love for nature, but also careers in conservation – to protect our natural world into the future. Youth 4 the Environment has representation in five African countries and is the global partner of #NatureforAll, a global movement led by Parks Canada, the IUCN and WWF.

“I started Contour Enviro Group in 2017 as a way to live out my passion: to inspire a love for nature. Contour Enviro Group makes things happen because of the fantastic team of experts who form part of our team. Each individual brings a high level of expertise and experience to Contour. And together, we ensure our clients are satisfied – every single time.”

— Sabelo Lindani

“I joined CEG in 2020 to start a new chapter in my conservation career. CEG has given me the opportunity to use my conservation knowledge and skills in different areas and be part of a winning team. I am able to share my love for nature with a variety of clients from children to adults, communities to farmers, private to government, terrestrial to marine. Ensuring a sustainable environment for all.”

— Corlie Hugo

"This past year we abided by Charles Darwin's theory of "Survival of the fittest” law. This law is the ageless law of nature, but I've come to realise that the fittest are rarely the strong. The fittest are those intelligent enough to adapt, accept the inevitable and conform to the unavoidable change of conditions."

Solomon Asiya

"My professional goal is to find a challenging opportunity to contribute to a team-based environment in the field of environmental management and conservation. I believe that being part of the CEG’s team has given me the platform of achieving that and also gave me an opportunity to enhance my technical experience, broaden my knowledge in conservation and natural resource management."

Apiwe Mhlawuli